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New Screenshots (27.08.2009 07:57:12)
A small update.
Cipher - Progress Movie Released (30.07.2008 07:58:35)
A small movie showing some of the new features.
Dexsoft-Games (13.04.2008 08:04:12)
Is soon adding Cipher model to there assets.
Buy Cipher License (30.10.2007 06:59:21)
Is now possible to buy Cipher License.
New Screenshots (04.10.2007 08:06:00)
The coming tools and features.
Coming Soon (17.09.2007 08:08:32)
An update of the source code.
Source Update (01.11.2004 07:11:18)
An update of the source code is now available in the downloads section
LOD Range (06.10.2004 08:19:22)
There is now a new tool in the downloads section that lets you edit the LOD ranges of Cipher models.
Landscape Rendering (19.09.2004 14:13:03)
A new update of Cipher is now available with support for landscape rendering, Ogg Vorbis and better shadow rendering.
Vertex Alpha Support (19.09.2004 14:13:04)
JTilo has contributed a new Max 6 exporter that outputs vertex alpha data.
New Tools (06.10.2016 14:16:53)
Two new animation tools that allow you to strip unwanted bones from your models, and merge animations from multiple files together are now available.

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Cipher Game Engine

Cipher is a 3D game engine offering everything from fast and visually stunning graphics to support for compressed pak files. It allows programmers to create state of the art games using a simple but powerful SDK. Its range of powerful data driven tools also to help improve artist workflow.

Licensing Cipher

Cipher is a commercial game engine and is available for licensing right now for only 70 €. That price includes all these amazing features, the full source code to the game engine and its tools and the right to sell as many Cipher powered games as you want without any royalties.

At the heart of Cipher is a powerful and fast graphics engine that supports shader scripts that your artists can create using the powerful Shader Designer tool that is included with Cipher.

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